6 Maternity Products Every Pregnant Girl NEEDS!

6 Maternity Products Every Pregnant Girl NEEDS!

May 20, 15

          You always hear about the labor aspect of pregnancies. The most physically painful experience that most women ever have to endure. After having my second child, I decided to make it known that this is not the ONLY hard part about being pregnant. What about the months of back pain, feet swelling, and weight gain!? Who’s going to empathize with me about that!? Most women like myself continue working far into their pregnancy and don’t realize the toll it takes on their body. soft pillows provides support to body and it helps to sleep better I never realized how much my body would ache due to the realignment of internal organs. 

       There are many products being marketed towards pregnant women. Given the multitudes that are out there, it can be very difficult to distinguish the good from the bad! I just wanted to share some products that I feel like I could not have made it through my pregnancy without. It took me 2 pregnancies to understand the products that are worth the money and really make a difference in style, comfort, and durability.  I stress these products because they can be used through multiple pregnancies. I chose them by primarily considering how incredibly effective they were. Secondly, by how cost-effective they were. Given these two standards, here’s the list for your convenience!


1. Maternity Bra

Maternity Bra

Your body experiences heaps of changes. You will absolutely need something that will adjust along with your body, to provide comfort and convenience. The Nursing Bra comes highly recommended! It’s something that I used during and after my second pregnancy. My doctor suggested that I buy one due to the complaints I had about sensitivity in my breasts. Taking his advice was probably the best decision I made!



2. Coconut Oil

coconut oil’

Your belly is going to experience size changes that it has never experienced before. If coconut oil, or a substitute skin lotion is not applied, you WILL have terrible stretch marks. Not to mention, your skin starts itching due to the expansion! It’s somewhat unavoidable. I preferred the coconut oil because it also helped stop the itching for the most part.



3. Maternity Back Brace

Maternity Back Brace

Warning: Do NOT buy a normal back brace for wear while you are pregnant. My sister recommended that I get a maternity back brace during my first pregnancy. I decided to take the cheaper route and get a regular back brace. When your belly gets larger, the regular back brace provides little to no support. Tightening it can also be dangerous!

The Maternity Back Brace however, adjusts to your belly. I had a low-hanging belly while pregnant, and this product basically cupped my stomach and supported it while taking off almost all strain from my back. I’m able to use it for any future pregnancies as well because no matter how large I may get, this will always fit!


4. Ankle Swelling Compressors

 Ankle Swelling Compressors 

During my second trimester, I started experiencing heavy ankle swelling. According to my doctors, the reason for this is because your body retains much more fluids during this time. Also, your uterus puts pressure on your veins, which impairs return of blood to your heart. Aside from staying off your feet, and sleeping on your side, the best cure recommended by doctors are Ankle Compressors or Compression Socks. It helped me tremendously. I was forced to wear slippers every time I went out because my feet would not fit into any of my shoes!

 Compression Socks

5. Ballet Flats

Many pregnant women don’t experience swollen ankles, though ALL women do have a hard time bending down towards the third trimester. The best product in terms of convenience was definitely my ballet flats. Not having to tie my laces or struggle to put on boots was priceless.



6. Postpartum Waist Training

Postpartum Waist Training

Once you've had the child and your body starts changing back to normal, one challenge remains: losing your belly fat! My personal favorite method (alongside dieting and exercising of course!) was to use this wonderful Belly Band. I was able to wear it under my clothing and return back to the world without appearing to have gained 15-20 lb post pregnancy! 

You can find it here: Postpartum Belly Band



If you can even manage to find 1 single product here that can help you during your pregnancy, then I've achieved my goal! 

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