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Exercise to Make your Butt Bigger

Your butt consists of the largest muscle groups in the body. Your torso, pelvis and legs are all anchored by buttocks. You also won’t be able to do the most basic of physical activities if you had somehow managed to injure yourself.

For many decades thick, round buttocks are considered a symbol of good health and beauty. Having weak buttocks can affect your ability to stand/sit upright and your overall body strength.

Getting Wider Hips Naturally


An hourglass figure is what every lady desires. Having a voluptuous body with wide hips has represented feminine beauty for hundreds of years.

In this age of the Kardashians and Jenners, there’s a lot of pressure to work on getting a perfectly curvaceous body. All those that aren’t born with the ultimate booty, look for ways to make their hips wider.

There are some who are willing to spend large amounts of cash and going under the knife in order to make their hips bigger. These surgeries may feel like the shortcut to the perfect body but they aren’t always successful, they don’t necessarily look natural and can be dangerous too.