Do Butt Shapers Really Work? Breaking The Myths Around Butt Shapers

Do Butt Shapers Really Work? Breaking The Myths Around Butt Shapers

Jan 01, 19

Let’s face it, not a lot of women are blessed with a glorious butt and not a lot of women are happy with the one they’ve got. Even after spending months in the gym and grinding yourself through squats with streams of sweat, you are still never fully satisfied with the results.

Imagine having a fun night at the club and always feeling a tad bit insecure about your butt and your friends remind you of how it’s “just in your head” even so, just because it’s in your head doesn’t mean it’s not real.

For women who aren’t satisfied with the results squats have given them and those who do not want to go through expensive butt filler injections, there’s a new sheriff in town; The Butt Shaper.

Butt shapers or butt lifters are shape garments that are worn under your clothes and help accentuate your buttocks by pulling them upwards and making them firm. They not only make the butt and the area around it firm and lifted while you wear it, but also over time, shape the skin to retain its strength of holding itself together in place.

A lifted and a more full butt gives you immense amount of self-confidence and a spontaneous self-esteem boost mostly because it shift’s the viewer’s attention from your waist or other body parts to your thighs. The butt shapers don’t usually come with padding but are designed to lift and contour the booty.

Do Butt Shapers Really Work?

Butt shapers help you get an insanely curvy figure right away. It collects the tissue and the fat, including the butt muscle and readjusts it to give you a more full booty. Many women even love to call it a butt bra. Even doctors recommend the use of butt lifters for people who get butt filler injections.

The results of butt shapers really tend to speak for themselves as they offer a very natural and painless way of making your booty seem bigger and giving it an instant lift without having the need to spend thousands of dollars. In quite simpler words, all a butt shaper does is that it collects your butt volume in one place to give it the shape that you need. Long term wear then leads to an overtime shift of the main butt fat to an upright and more firm position to give you a bulkier look. Though the effect of a butt shaper is semi-permanent since the fat relocates itself once you stop wearing a butt shaper, but even then you could totally go a few weeks without it and look your very best for a summer beach vacation.

Some Common Myths Revolving Around Butt Shapers

People tend to form an opinion about certain products, especially the ones out of the ordinary, before trying them on first and solely based upon either what they have heard from their friends and family or what they think the product would be like. It’s time to shed a light on some very common myths revolving around butt shapers and tossing them away one by one;

Always go a size down since that gives you better results and more control

This is never true. A perfectly made size of a butt shaper will definitely fit you perfectly and give good results. You’ll never feel the need to move a size down. Going a little low on the size scale means you will be wearing something that is going to be very tight and small for you. Though theoretically it makes sense to believe that it will give faster and better results, realistically it is just uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. A lot of women have a hard time moving or end up tearing their garment. If somehow they survive all that chaos, there are increased chances of getting body sores or rashes. It is really important to make sure that the size you buy fits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable

Shapers are always uncomfortable and roll under your clothes

If a butt shaper is uncomfortable or rolling up under your clothes as you walk, there’s a fair chance that it’s either not the right type or the right size for you. It depends upon your body shape. For people who are curvy and have thick thighs, shapers with extra stretch and more thigh support seems like a great option.

Butt shapers are only for models

Butt shapers are meant to accentuate your buttocks and make them appear more round and full. This has nothing to do with what your profession is or who you are. Any person who wants to accentuate their buttocks and show them off a little can wear butt shapers.

Butt shapers are out of style

Since people have started resorting to surgical procedures, people have started believing that the use of butt shapers has gone extinct but on the contrary they could never be more in. butt shapers act as really sexy undergarment, so it’s definitely a win win situation!

Finding a comfortable butt shaper has never been this fun before! There are many exercises you can do to get a rounder butt.

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